A sustainable personal brand for a sustainability expert

The Lowdown

An expert on sustainable business measurement and strategy, curriculum development, and community engagement, Erin Doherty’s career was taking off in all kinds of directions. She needed a personal brand that accurately reflected her engaging personality, and helped her confidently present her ideas and work.


Despite her active and engaged presence in Guelph’s business and sustainability communities, and prominent board and mentor roles at several local organizations, Erin still struggled to talk about the scope of her work and capabilities with people outside of these networks.


Creative Worth helped shape Erin’s personal brand – including her professional title and core services – blending her robust skill set with a vibrant visual identity that aligns with Erin’s knowledge and audiences. We connected all the pieces of her brand puzzle through a playful, custom WordPress website, so she can confidently share who she is and what she does with her network and beyond.


Erin’s improved confidence in her subject matter expertise and ability to succinctly share it with her audiences helped her land a full-time position within a related academic unit at a local university – a dream opportunity that has launched the next phase of her career. She’s also expanded her network and has developed ongoing collaborations with community stakeholders and business partners.


  • Brand Identity & Logo Design
  • WordPress Website Design & Development

  • Business Naming

  • Copywriting

  • Brand Collateral (Resume Design, Note Cards and Social Media Graphics)


“Working with Heather is a magical mix of ease and transformation. We worked on my brand at a pace comfortable for me until we had the full puzzle. The end product transformed how I sold myself and my services, landing me dream opportunities.”


Erin Doherty

Business Impact Strategist

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